Hi, I'm Blue

Hi, I'm Blue, an Australian artist with an insatiable passion for watercolour paintings. My canvas is a playground where I express my love for the native Australian wildlife, capturing their essence with every stroke and hue. The dance of watercolours, the way they blend and flow, is a mesmerizing process that I find endlessly fascinating.

My home is a sanctuary filled with inspiration, and not just from the landscapes outside my window. My blue tongue lizard, also named Blue and my cat, Tiger, and are my constant companions. They are more than just pets; they are family, friends, and muses.

Tiger's curious eyes often watch me as I paint, while Blue, my lizard, adds a unique texture to my daily life with his intriguing appearance and movements. They are both a source of joy and creativity, each in their own way.

The presence of Tiger and Blue in my studio adds a special dimension to my work. They remind me that art is not just about technique and skill; it's about passion, connection, and the simple joy of creation. They are part of my artistic journey, and their love and companionship fuel my creativity.

My art is my voice, my way of sharing beauty with the world. Some of the artwork I do reflects the australian landscape and the wildlife around me. In every brushstroke, every splash of colour, you'll find a part of my soul, my passion, and my love for all things wild and wonderful.